Museum für Naturkunde

The first life-sized skeleton model of the giant predatory dinosaur in the world goes on display at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. more info

© Carola Radke/MfN

Tristan – Berlin bares Teeth

Museum für Naturkunde

Berlin has a new cultural highlight, crowd-puller and a unique research object. Tristan Otto (Tristan for short) is one of the best-preserved specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex in the world.  more info

© Carola Radke/Museum für Naturkunde

The arms export politics of the grand coalition

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

A Publication throws a glance at the mid-term balance of the current legislative period and determines the status quo of the German arms export politics. more info

Official launch of LIVIVO

ZB MED - Leibniz Information Centre for Life Sciences

The Search Portal for Life Sciences groups together ZB MED’s specialist subject areas within a single search portal, enabling users to perform literature searches on an interdisciplinary basis. more info

Evolutionary Ecology

Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries

When animals “differ from the rest” they may be able to conquer new ecological niches. Scientists have provided evidence for this phenomenon. more info

© Matthias Stöck


More and more schoolchildren are using paid tutoring

12/02/2016 | German Institute for Economic Research

The Proportion of tutored students is nearly twice as high as 15 years ago. The household income is becoming a less influential factor.  more info

Label-free detection of viruses

11/02/2016 | Leibniz-Institute of Photonic Technology

Researchers have succeeded in the label-free detection of freely diffusing viruses measuring smaller than 20 nanometres.  more info

A penis in amber

12/02/2016 | Museum für Naturkunde

Researchers published the unusual discovery of a 99 million year old harvestman with an extended penis. more info

King Kong was inflexible

06/01/2016 | Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

Scientists reach the conclusion that the presumably largest apes in geological history died due to their insufficient adaptability. more info

Electricity Costs Put Pressure on Welfare Recipients

06/01/2016 | Centre for European Economic Research

The basic social security benefit in Germany, known as the "normal requirement" ("Regelbedarf"), often does not suffice to pay for electricity costs.  more info

“The climate agreement is a milestone”

18/12/2015 | Centre for European Economic Research

Dr. Oliver Schenker provides his perspective on the climate agreement achieved at the UN climate summit in Paris. more info

The Leibniz Association

The Leibniz Association connects 88 independent research institutions that range in focus from the natural, engineering and environmental sciences via economics, spatial and social sciences to the humanities.

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