Suitcase laboratory against Ebola

German Primate Center

Scientists have developed a portable laboratory for the diagnosis of the ebola-virus. The new method is up to to ten times faster than the current one and equally sensitive. more info

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Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowship Programme

The Leibniz Association and the DAAD invite outstanding postdoctoral fellows from around the world to a one-year research scholarship to Germany. more info

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Looking down from above

Germanisches Nationalmuseum

With Jacopo de’ Barbari’s woodcut of Venice in 1500 the “Bird’s Eye View” developed into a pictorial motif in European art. A new exhibition presents the history of the Bird’s Eye View. more info

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Limiting short-lived pollutants cannot buy time on CO2 mitigation

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Targeting emissions of non-CO2 gases and air pollutants with climate effects might only produce small benefits for long-term climate change. more info

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Algae against HIV

Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology

Extracts of brown algae may be effective against human immunodeficiency virus HIV-1 infection. The Algae also possess other unknown molecules which are suspected to fight other diseases. more info



Inspired by Nature

23/01/2015 | Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials

Scientists now prepared a nacre-inspired nanocomposite that combines exceptional mechanical properties with glass-like transparency more info

New image helps to detect mildew infections

13/01/2015 | Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering

Scientists tested a new image analysis method which will help salad breeders to faster select resistant plants.     more info

A salt water inflow of astonishing dimensions

09/01/2015 | Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research

In December, for several days oxygen rich saltwater from the North Sea flowed into the Baltic Sea. Scientists assume that the so called „dead zones” in the bottom regions will largely benefit from... more info

Climate policy pledges fall short of 2 degrees celsius

16/12/2014 | Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Pledges to reduce emissions in China, Europe and the US provide an important step forward for climate change action, but a more comprehensive effort is needed to stabilize the climate below critical... more info

A failed task

16/12/2014 | Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

The latest HSFK-Standpunkt analyzes the impact of the NATO combat mission in Afghanistan on the civil population and NATO's joint responsibility for... more info

Education pays off

12/12/2014 | Social Science Research Center Berlin

In Europe, university graduates earn significantly more than non-academics. But according to a new study most EU member states still have too many people with little or no education. more info

The Leibniz Association

The Leibniz Association connects 89 independent research institutions that range in focus from the natural, engineering and environmental sciences via economics, spatial and social sciences to the humanities.

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