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Leibniz Association
Leibniz Association EU Office
Rue du Trône 98, 4°
B-1050 Brussels
Tel.: +32 - 2 /27 42 0 - 60
Fax: +32 - 2 / 27 42 0 - 69

The Leibniz Association EU Office

The Leibniz Association’s EU Office monitors EU research policy developments and decision-making processes at close hand and is thus able to channel the Leibniz Association’s interests into the process of developing future EU strategies and research framework programmes at an early stage.

One of the Office’s main activities is to guide Leibniz institutions strategically through the European research landscape with its various funding programmes and instruments. Moreover, it organizes Horizon 2020 related workshops and research policy events.


  • Representation of interests related to research policy
  • Facilitate contacts with the EU Institutions
  • Organisation of information events and training courses
  • Support for events of the Leibniz Institutions in Brussels
  • Guidance and advice on proposal preparation and project management in Horizon 2020
  • Guidance and advice on legal  aspects related to EU research policy
  • ERC Starting Grants interview test
  • Conference and guest infrastructure