Researchers working at Leibniz Institutes collaborate with academic partners worldwide, and Leibniz institutions are part of a global network. Leibniz Institutes, Leibniz Research Alliances and Leibniz ScienceCampi select their international collaboration partners independently. The Leibniz Association is also actively engaged in attracting the best scientists worldwide to conduct research at, and collaborate with, Leibniz Institutes. In 2018, international scientists accounted for 23% of academic staff, 33% of doctoral students and 32% of post-doctoral researchers.
Conducting research at a Leibniz Institute

In order to work as a researcher at, or collaborate with, a Leibniz Institute, it is recommended that you contact the relevant Leibniz Institute directly. The Leibniz Association website provides an overview of all the member institutes, Leibniz Research Alliances, Leibniz ScienceCampi and international Graduate Schools. Further information can be found in the Career section of the Leibniz website.

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