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Development of novices’ professional knowledge networks within the contexts of classroom teaching and information searches on the internet

Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID), Trier

The project aims at analyzing the development of professional knowledge networks of first and second year students enrolled in Psychology and Computer Sciences. It focusses processes of restructuring knowledge (conceptual change) following the transition from secondary education (school) to tertiary education (university). Three domains of knowledge are investigated: (1) discipline-specific expertise, (2) professional information literacy (particularly methodological knowledge about the use of the internet for scientific work), and (3) epistemological beliefs (i.e. assumptions about the formation, validity etc. of scientific knowledge). The project fosters the development of methods for assessing knowledge networks and optimises the support of students’ transition from school to university.

Period: 1. April 2013 - 31. May 2016
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