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Dr. Bettina Irina Reimers
German Institute for International Educational Research
Tel.: +49 30 / 29 33 60 - 27

Archives Working Group (AK Archives)

The archives of the Leibniz Association hold a significant part of Germany’s scientific and technical heritage in safekeeping. AK Archives was constituted on 5 April 2005 in Hamburg. It aims to document the diversity and national academic significance of the Leibniz Association. The different thematic collections at the archives complement each other to create a broadly-based collection.

AK Archives seeks to enhance networking between the relevant institutions and utilise synergies in the respective fields of work by active information and experience sharing. The group also promotes the public image of the archives. One focus of work to date was the development of an agreed collection strategy. AK Archives meets twice a year.


Dr. Wilhelm Füßl
Archive Deutsches Museum
Tel.: 089 / 2179 - 444