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Dr. Christine von Bloh
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
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Equal Opportunities and Diversity Working Group (AKCD)

Opportunities Officers at Leibniz Institutes regularly share their experiences in AKCD. The Speakers’ Council consists of ten representatives of all five Sections who deliberate statements and strategies in the area of equal opportunities, maintain contact with the Equal Opportunities Officers in the Sections and disseminate relevant information.

The Speaker prepares statements, draws up papers for the working sessions and acts as a link between the Executive Board, Headquarters and AKCD. She regularly reports back on AKCD’s work to the Executive Board, during workshops and at the sessions of the Administrative Committee, and participates in the General Assembly.

Furthermore, the AKCD Speaker is a member of the overarchiving network, Alliance of Equal Opportunities Officers in Non-University Research Organisations (AGBaF), and maintains very good relations with BuKoF (the Federal Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers at Universities), IMA (Interministerial Working Group of Equal Opportunities Officers in Supreme Federal Authorities), the Leibniz Association’s staff and works’ councils as well as the Women in Research Centres Working Group (akfifz).

Equal Opportunities Officers at Leibniz institutions act in accordance with individual agreements with the funders in the Land that hosts the institute, thereby implementing the “Ausführungsvereinbarung zur Rahmenvereinbarung Forschungsförderung über die Gleichstellung von Frauen und Männern bei der gemeinsamen Forschungsförderung” (Implementation Agreement on the Framework Agreement on the Promotion of Research concerning Equal Opportunities for Women and Men with respect to Joint Research Funding - AVGlei) within the Leibniz Association. Certain institutions are subject to the equal opportunities legislation obtaining in the respective Land.

In 2012, AKCD updated the guidelines on equal opportunities within the Leibniz Association (“Leitfaden für Chancengleicheit in der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft”, in German only, click on the right to download) which were originally drawn up in 2005. The guidelines provide an overview of the principles governing equal opportunities activities.

Together with AKCD, the Leibniz Association organises an annual “Equal Opportunities Workshop” on current issues, as well as a continuing education session on themes relevant to promoting equal opportunities.

AKC maintains an internal mailing list of all Equal Opportunities Officers and their deputies. It can be used for disseminating information or for enquiries. In order to be included on or taken off the mailing list, please send an email to Dr. Jana Gerlach, Leibniz Headquarters Berlin, gerlach(at)leibniz-gemeinschaft.de.