Open Science Lab receives award

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The Open Science Lab of the TIB shows how digital collections can be opened to better use and link content. The project received the "Hochschulperle Offene Wissenschaft des Monats Januar" award.

02/04/2020 · Mathematik, Natur- und Ingenieurwissenschaften · TIB – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Technik und Naturwissenschaften · News · Projekte

Digitisation offers the great opportunity to make scientific processes and knowledge openly accessible to all. This should strengthen the quality of research, foster innovation and the social benefits of science. The Open Science Lab (OSL) of the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library in Hannover supports researchers who use the Internet as a public space for research, teaching and learning and introduces young researchers to these new approaches.

The Stifterverband awards this innovative project with the "Hochschulperle Offene Wissenschaft des Monats Januar" (University Pearl Open Science of the Month of January) award, which honours innovative, exemplary projects that are realised in a university.

The OSL shows how digital object collections can be opened up and linked in ways that allow content to be better discovered, used and linked. It supports students and scientists who want to publicly share their research issues and ideas, collaborate with others via the Internet or make their scientific publications freely available. In close exchange with players from science and libraries, the OSL develops and explores new ideas, strategies, working methods and tools from Open Science.

Close cooperation with the Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts

OSL staff members teach these approaches in teaching assignments, workshops, mentoring or with new innovative methods. For example, the open research information system VIVO is being further developed for use in the German-speaking community in semester projects and theses at the Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Talented graduates of the course are directly transferred to the lab and, as OSL employees, are in turn responsible for supervision and teaching tasks for new students.

In addition, the OSL cooperates intensively with the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science of the Leibniz Association, with Wikimedia Deutschland and other institutes and networks, and was involved in setting up the Fellow Programme Freies Wissen.

"The TIB's 'Open Science Lab' is an impressive place of Open Science and bundles a wide range of activities in research and teaching," said the jury of the Stifterverband on the decision to award the "Hochschulperle Offene Wissenschaft" to the TIB in January. "This makes the subsequent use, transparency and transfer of knowledge possible and gives future generations of researchers an idea of the opportunities offered by Open Science".

What is a "Hochschulperle"

"Hochschulperlen" are innovative, exemplary projects that are realized in a university. Because they are small, they are hardly registered outside the university walls. But because they shine, they can and should also adorn other universities. Every month the Stifterverband presents a university pearl. Once a year, the University Pearl of the Year is chosen by vote from the monthly pearls. In 2020, the award will have the overall theme of "Open Science". It is about new approaches in research and teaching that go beyond established forms and formats and bring together science with society and business. The aim of the initiatives and projects to be awarded is to promote innovation and strengthen the social benefits of science.

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