ZALF researcher honored


For her work on sustainable land management, Jana Zscheischler receives the "Transformative Science" research award.

09/23/2020 · Umweltwissenschaften · Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung · News · Menschen

The Research Award "Transformative Science" of the Wuppertal Institute and the Zempelin Foundation goes to Dr. Jana Zscheischler. The scientist of the Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) e. V. is awarded for her transdisciplinary and transformative approach as well as her research concept for sustainable land management. The prize is endowed with 25,000 euros and will be awarded on October 6th as part of the "Darmstädter Tage der Transformation“ ("Darmstadt Days of Transformation").

“Transformative science” not only observes processes of change but initiates them with inter- and transdisciplinary methods and involves civil society in its scientific work in order to meet major social challenges.

Dr. Jana Zscheischler, co-head of the BMBF-funded junior research group "BioKum" at ZALF, convinced the jury with her theoretically sound research as well as its methodical and practical implementation. Her work on the potentials in sustainable land management was particularly highlighted.

The jury justified the award with the special social relevance of the research topic, the high-quality and innovative research design, the critical examination of the challenges of transformative research and the involvement and discussion with relevant actors. The jury also sees these criteria as a model for other research projects.

"We are proud and congratulate Dr. Zscheischler and her research team on this recognition", explains Prof. Frank A. Ewert, Scientific Director of ZALF. "Their research on the highly topical issue of sustainable land management combines scientific excellence with innovative methods for the involvement of non-scientific actors. The special research design enables not only scientific progress but also social innovation and thus a synthesis that corresponds with our understanding of research for society", explains Ewert regarding the jury's decision.

The research prize "Transformative Science" will be awarded as part of the "Darmstädter Tage der Transformation" on October 6th, 2020 at 4 p.m. in the Schader Forum, Goethestrasse 2, in Darmstadt.

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