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Photo of Dr. Jana  Gerlach
Dr. Jana Gerlach
Leibniz Mentoring
Leibniz Association
Chausseestraße 111
10115 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 / 20 60 49 - 58

Leibniz Mentoring

Mentoring Programme for women researchers at Leibniz institutions

The Leibniz Association supports and promotes equal opportunities. The project “Mentoring for women researchers at Leibniz institutions” is one of the strategic tools for promoting equal opportunities.

Excellent research needs excellent female researchers. The Leibniz Association offers a one-year mentoring programme for highly-qualified women post-docs to support them on the path to leadership positions and professorships.

Leibniz Network Mentoring

Networking is a central pillar not just of the Mentoring programme but most and foremost of any career. The Leibniz Network Mentoring is designed as a people’s network in which all former mentees and mentors have the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences on careers, management and cross-disciplinary topics. It offers the opportunity to further develop skills in lectures, targeted workshops and to maintain old tandems as well as to tie new bonds.

Leibniz Annual Reunion and Network Meeting

Once a year, the Leibniz Association invites Leibniz-Mentoring Alumnae and Mentors for a reunion with their own year group and the opportunity to meet everyone who has ever been in the programme.

Reconnect over drinks and dinner reception as well as over lectures and smaller focus groups. This annual network event will move around and take place at different Leibniz-Institutes of former Leibniz Mentees. Thus, there will be at least some meetings nearby. It will give you the opportunity to discover and dive into the fascinating research of other Leibniz Research Institute!

Leibniz-Mentoring Alumni Grant

The Alumni Grant gives former Mentees the opportunity to design their workshop or training and thus to continue the acquisition of further competencies which help to master everyday challenges in a demanding work environment.

Leibniz provides the coach or trainer as well as the venue and catering for up to 4 workshops a year. The only criterion for an application to be accepted is that at least four Leibniz-Alumnae are already participating in the initiative. Further participants from the Leibniz Almunae pool can then be recruited via open advert on Leibniz-Mentoring platform or else.

There is a low-threshold application procedure: Workshop initiatives are to be sent to the Leibniz-Mentoring programme coordinator and are given away on a first come first served basis. Small adjustments may be suggested by the coordinator concerning the fit of a workshop to the Leibniz-profile or practicability.

Show Initiative – Organise a local “Leibniz-Stammtisch”!

Since the Leibniz Association’s research institutes are spread all over Germany, regional and local meetings are one way to stay in touch on a more regular basis with fellow Leibniz Alumni.

The Leibniz Mentoring Programm is part of Forum Mentoring.