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Photo of Dr. Alexandra  Schweiger
Dr. Alexandra Schweiger
Leibniz Mentoring | Equal Opportunities
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Leading in Science

The Mentoring Programme for Female Scholars at Leibniz Institutes

Attracting and retaining outstanding female researchers is an important part of the Leibniz Association’s strategy for safeguarding academic excellence over the long term. The Leibniz Mentoring is a crucial strategic component when it comes to fostering academic talent and to accompany young scholars as their careers progress.

The comprehensive and varied Leibniz Mentoring Programme supports highly qualified female post-doctorate researchers on their path to obtaining a professorship or some other leading position. It supports the participants in managing their careers in a goal-driven way, in expanding their subject-specific networks and in taking on managerial tasks with confidence.

In addition to the structured and supervised mentoring partnership, Leibniz Mentoring offers a series of competence seminars as well as professional assistance during the process which guarantees the transfer of acquired knowledge and skills into the daily routine. The Leibniz Association also organises seminars that are targeted at the mentors exclusively and offer them the opportunity to expand their own leadership qualifications.

One course of the programme is from June of the same to October of the following year. The programme is being advertised annually in December.

The Leibniz Mentoring Programm is part of Forum Mentoring.