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Leibniz Postdoc Network


The most sensitive stage in a researcher´s career is the one following the completion of the PhD. In this phase, researchers face a multitude of challenges in their professional and private lives and typically pursue additional research, training, or teaching in order to improve the skills useful in academia or industry.

The Leibniz Postdoc Network was founded to provide a communication platform for all postdoctoral researchers in the Leibniz Association, thereby creating a distinguishable and united voice of an important group of researchers.

The overall aims of the network are to:

  • promote cross-disciplinary exchange between Leibniz postdocs
    - on a personal and professional level
    - on topics such a career challenges, networking, big data, digitalisation, open science, public outreach, and scientific societal challenges
  • create structures for a central career support, accessible for all Leibniz postdocs
  • establish a corporate identity as „Leibniz Postdocs“ and the formation of a strong network including Alumni and external organisations/industry/politics


Two spokespersons, Dr. Gitta Heinz (DRFZ) and Dr. Lydia Repke (GESIS), 8 section officers and 1 financial officer have been elected to represent this network. Section officers serve as contact persons for postdocs of their respective section and also as representative of their interests within the network.

Section officers:

  • A - Humanities and Educational Research: Dr. Anne Mucha (IDS), Dr. Yiu-Kang Hsu (DBM)
  • B - Economics, Social Sciences, Spatial Research: Dr. Johannes Breuer (GESIS)
  • C - Life Sciences: Dr. Mathias Riehn (BNITM), Dr. Mary-Ann Blätke (IPK)
  • D - Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Engineering: Dr. Hans Höft (INP) and Dr. Anett Hoppe (TIB)
  • E - Environmental Sciences: Dr. Silvia Madeddu (PIK)

Financial officer: Dr. Glòria Martrus Zapater (HPI)

Additional information on spokespersons and section officers can be found in the Spokesperson and Section officers section.

In addition, six working groups focus on current topical issues within the postdoc network, suggest and implement concrete next steps. The core topics covered in the working groups may change over time, new topical focusses can be suggested at every annual meeting and will be voted on. Working groups are open to all postdocs in the Leibniz Association. So please join a working group by contacting one of the spokespersons. (Organigram in the download section)

Working groups:

  • Career Development
  • Structure of the Network
  • Founding and Maintenance of Postdoc Initiatives
  • Communication and Networking
  • Event Organisation
  • Future Perspectives