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Leibniz Research Alliance "Science 2.0"

Science 2.0 deals with the investigation of new fields for research and development, originating from the application of new participative and collaborative internet technologies in all phases of research. Within this context, the research alliance “Science 2.0” places the emphasis on three open and challenging research pillars:

  1. New Working Habits: How does the internet with its new possibilities, particularly the social web, change working habits of researchers? How does it impact on today’s research and publication processes in different research disciplines?
  2. Technology Development: How can Science 2.0 support existing research processes? How can today’s research processes be innovated by Science 2.0 tools?
  3. User Behaviour Research: Which new forms of scientific communication – within the research community and between the public and the research community – does Science 2.0 facilitate? How do researchers use new Science 2.0 tools?

All mentioned research pillars address challenges which are of great importance for both, science and society. This is why fifteen Institutes of the Leibniz Association, further eight institutes of Universities and Applied Universities and Wikimedia Deutschland have formed the research alliance “Science 2.0”. Its objective is to investigate the research challenges related to Science 2.0 at the highest possible quality level. Within the next ten years, the alliance will follow a highly interdisciplinary research approach to find relevant answers to today’s and future questions in the area of Science 2.0. The alliance will bundle and exploit existing synergies among its participants resulting in a notably high “group intelligence”. With this group intelligence the alliance can deliver results and insights which are of much higher quality and which provide a much greater added value as compared to the sum of individual and isolated activities.


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