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Photo of Dr. Ricarda  Opitz
Dr. Ricarda Opitz
Head of Division | Deputy Secretary General
Resarch Infrastructures
Leibniz Association
Chausseestraße 111
10115 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 / 20 60 49 - 57

Research Infrastructures: in the service of science

Top scientists and researchers rely on high-quality scientific infrastructures. These include information infrastructures to manage all kinds of content (data, objects, media), research-based services, resources such as data or archive collections, and social infrastructures, such as conference and meeting centres. Numerous Leibniz institutions specialise entirely or partially in providing such scientific infrastructures.


List of Research Infrastructures in the Leibniz Association (in German only)

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National libraries

The national libraries – the German National Library of Science and Technology and the German National Library of Economics – support scientific work processes through application-oriented research and research-based services.

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Numerous institutions in the Leibniz Association maintain archives with important and fascinating collections. The spectrum of archived items ranges from manuscripts and photographs through technical drawings and historical maps to software programmes and merchandising articles. The major tasks of the archives are to preserve these valuable sources of living cultural history and to make them available for research. The archives are also always looking to track down more collectible items.

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List of libraries in the Leibniz Association (in German only)

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Research Infrastructures in the Leibniz Association

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