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National libraries

Two of Germany's three national libraries belong to the Leibniz Association. They support scientific work processes with their application-oriented research and research-based services. They foster their respective fields in great depth and breadth, strive for the most comprehensive collection of publications, and make them available for interlibrary loan and document delivery services.

The three national libraries have joined forces to form Goportis – the strategic Leibniz Library Network for Research Information.

German National Library of Economics - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (ZBW), Kiel and Hamburg

ZBW is the world's largest information centre for Economics operating on a national scale – online and offline. It supports economists and students during the entire learning, research and publication process, i.e. in the collection, processing and collaborative use of (digital) information. The facility is home to approximately 4 million volumes and 33,000 continually-updated periodicals. In addition, ZBW offers what is probably the fastest growing collection of open access documents on the internet: EconStor, the digital publication server, now has nearly 40,000 open access articles and working papers; on EconBiz, the search engine for international expert information on Economics, students and researchers can search over 9 million records. 

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German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), Hanover

TIB is the German National Library for Technology, Architecture, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. It primarily delivers literature and information to national and international research and industry. TIB has excellent stocks of fundamental as well as highly specialised technical and scientific literature. GetInfo is its portal for specialist and research information in the Natural Sciences and Technology. More than 150 million datasets are currently available. GetInfo includes a variety of knowledge objects such as audio-visual media, 3D models and research data. TIB assigns Digital Object Identifiers, which can be retrieved and accessed via GetInfo. This ensures the quality, continued availability and referencing of research data.

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