Top scientists and researchers rely on high-quality scientific infrastructures. These include large-scale equipment as telescopes, information infrastructures to manage all kinds of content (data, objects, media), research-based services, resources such as data or archive collections, and social infrastructures, such as conference and meeting centres. Numerous Leibniz institutions specialise entirely or partially in providing such scientific infrastructures.
  1. Information infrastructures

    Information infrastructures provide science and research with systematically collected and formatted information such as texts, pictures, biosamples, audio recordings or crystal structures.

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  2. Large-scale equipment

    Large-scale equipment and research platforms encompass complex measuring devices, specialist laboratories and equipment facilities. They deliver data and information to answer central research questions on the basis of empirical measurements.

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  3. Social research infrastructures

    Social research infrastructures are meeting points for the world’s leading scientists to exchange ideas about the most recent developments in their field, initiate new projects and connect with users and young scientists.

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