Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography
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04328 Leipzig
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Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography

The research carried out at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography is concerned with spatial structures and current developments that have a spatial impact in Europe, as well as with the theoretical and historical foundations of regional geography. Under the heading “New geographies of Europe”, our researchers analyse ongoing processes especially in Central and Eastern Europe, at the same time adopting a pan-European perspective in comparative studies. The scientific focus of the Institute is on three fields of research: productions of space, visual communication and cartography, the history of geography. With these fields of research the IfL aims to make a significant contribution to our understanding of the spatial organisation and development of society in Europe, and to provide a cross-disciplinary platform for the further development of the scientific discourse on space and spatiality in the humanities and social sciences.

The IfL has a section devoted to the presentation of research findings to specialist and more general audiences. To this end it continually develops the classical media of maps and atlases. The IfL also creates and tests innovative means for visualising geographical knowledge and geographical information on the internet.

The IfL cooperates closely with Leipzig University and is part of national and international research networks. With the Central Geographical Library and the Archive for Geography the IfL has two excellent research facilities. Both the library and the archive are open to the public.

As well as research the IfL is active in the areas of training and further education. Its activities include a scholarship programme for young foreign scientists, a work experience programme for geography students, focussing on human geography, and educational opportunities for school-leavers.


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lentz

Head of Administration:
Beata Kirchner

Public Relations:
Dr. Peter Wittmann