Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering
Permoserstraße 15
04303 Leipzig
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Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering

The Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering was founded in 1992 by recommendation of the German Science Council. The mission of the institute is to carry out application-oriented fundamental research on the field interaction of radiation with matter. For this purpose, typically low-energetic ions, electrons, plasma as well as VUV and UV photons are employed to modify different kinds of materials and thin layers for technological applications. The scientific and technological research is carried out in a Physical and a Chemical Department at the IOM. Its main activities focus on the following research areas:

  • Ion and Plasma assisted Ultra-Precision Shaping and Smoothing
  • Development of Plasmajet Process
  • Development of Ion Beam Sources and Equipment
  • Laser Beam assisted Structuring
  • Structure Analyse of Thin Films and Surfaces
  • Non-thermally Thin Film Deposition
  • Plasma Immersion and Ion Implantation
  • Anorganic/ Organic Interfaces and Layers
  • Electron and Photon induced molecular Processes
  • Optical Process Control and Chemical Analytic
  • Functional Coatings, Nanocomposites and Membran Modification
  • Connected and Intelligent Polymeric Layers
  • Bio-Functional Polymeric Materials

The existing infrastructure and state of art equipment of the institute, especially systems engineering, in the area of analytics or comprehensive scientific and engineering know-how allowed application-oriented fundamental research. So, the new established laboratory “Leipziger nanoAnalytikum“ financed by the Free State of Saxony and the European Union housed high-performance electron microscopes, like STEM and SEM, powerful instruments in material science for studies down to atomic levels.

An important goal of the IOM is to transfer the results of the research and development into innovative technological applications. For it the institute closely collaborates both with companies, especially optical, chemical and semiconductor industry as well universities and research institutes in Germany and abroad. Moreover, the IOM is involved in a large number of cooperative projects in national and international alliances and in education of young academics.

Several companies start up by intensive technology transfer of the IOM in the past few years.


Prof. Dr. André Anders

Deputy Director:
Prof. Dr. Bernd Abel

Head of Administration:
Dipl. Ökon. Viola Zellin

Public Relations:
Dipl.-Ing. Yvonne Bohne