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Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

For almost 200 years, the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung SGN has explored the “System Earth.” The integrative approach of this “geobiodiversity research” places the role of biodiversity in the entire earth system at the center of its focus: What interconnections exist between the biosphere and the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the cryosphere, the pedosphere, and the solid earth? And what role does the anthropogenic impact play?

It is the goal of Senckenberg’s research to gain a better understanding of the earth system. Senckenberg’s roughly 250 scientists work in four large research areas:

  • Biodiversity and systematics
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem health
  • Biodiversity and climate
  • Biodiversity and earth system dynamics

Senckenberg’s headquarters are located in Frankfurt on the Main. In addition, the institute is represented with nine other locations in Dresden, Gelnhausen, Görlitz, Hamburg, Messel, Müncheberg, Schöningen, Tübingen, Weimar and Wilhelmshaven.

The Senckenberg scientists work on projects on a global scale – from the deep sea to the high plateaus of Tibet. They cooperate with colleagues at renowned institutions from numerous countries around the world.

The Senckenberg institutes offer an excellent, top-of-the-line research infrastructure – including DNA laboratories, mass spectrometers, and computer tomographs, as well as a research vessel. The research collections – which count among the world’s largest, with 40 million units – represent unique natural archives and form the indispensable basis for numerous research projects.

Senckenberg places special emphasis on making research and science available to the public – a commitment that was already laid down in the society’s statutes 200 years ago. In its museums in Frankfurt, Görlitz, Dresden and Tübingen, on a display area of approximately 9,000 square metres the Senckenberg Society vividly illustrates the “functioning” of our nature. Every year, between 500,000 and 600,000 visitors take advantage of this opportunity. Besides that, Senckenberg also offers the public a chance for active participation: the society’s membership has reached 6,500, and the public can further participate in “citizen science” projects, such as mosquito monitoring or a mapping survey of plant species within the city of Frankfurt.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Volker Mosbrugger

Acting Head of Administration:
Stephanie Schwedhelm

Public Relations:
Dr. Sören Dürr


Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt a.M.
Senckenberganlage 25
60325 Frankfurt am Main

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