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Photo of Dr. Ricarda  Opitz
Dr. Ricarda Opitz
Head of Division | Deputy Secretary General
Resarch Infrastructures
Leibniz Association
Chausseestraße 111
10115 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 / 20 60 49 - 57

Leibniz Networks

Leibniz Networks have a particular thematic focus. They see themselves as a central contact point for their research field not only within the Leibniz Association but also for external project managers, policy-makers, the media and associations. They are located at the intersection between other networks, collating and mediating information, assisting in the search for project partners and channeling enquiries. Joint activities and events complete the profile of Leibniz Networks.

5R Network

The spatial science institutions in the Leibniz Association have formed the 5R Network. Here they bundle their expertise to promote spatial research, planning and policy-making.

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The Leibniz AGRI RESEARCH plus network is an amalgamation of eight research institutions in the Leibniz Association which address broadly-based agricultural research issues.

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Leibniz Network Nano

The Leibniz Network Nano unites Leibniz institutions with expertise in Nanotechnology.

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Leibniz Transfer Alliance Micro-Electronics

The Leibniz Transfer Alliance Micro-Electronics connects current know-how, research and development efforts and existing infrastructures at various Leibniz institutions in the fields of Micro- and Opto-Electronics. Its goal is to accelerate and facilitate initiatives for exploitation-oriented cooperation.

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Leibniz Application Laboratories

Leibniz institutions are international leaders in many high-tech fields and drive the application process with their industry-oriented research and technology transfer. The Application Labs, which translate research results into practical functional models and demonstration objects, are active intersections between science and industry.

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