We define as Open Science practices and processes in all scientific disciplines that foster participation and collaboration, accessibility and reuse, transparency and verifiability in science. This is linked to the use and promotion of an open web and the provision of infrastructures for scholarly research, teaching and learning. Open Science also promotes sustainable impact, both transdisciplinary in the science system as well as in politics, business, culture, and public life. Open Science is rooted in the tradition of established principles of good scientific practice. The goal is to critically reflect traditional scientific culture and to transfer it into the present era of linked-up research.

The Leibniz Research Alliance "Open Science" is committed to the research and development of working methods, infrastructures, and tools of Open Science. The diversity of its more than 30 member institutions and the wide range of science disciplines and competencies make the alliance unique in the German-speaking region and worldwide.

The alliance is engaged in the following three areas of activity (1) Research & Knowledge Transfer, (2) Infrastructure & Tools and (3) Advocacy & Community Building.

The alliance organizes the annual international Open Science Conference (www.open-science-conference.eu) and the associated Barcamp Open Science (www.barcamp-open-science.eu) as a pre-event.

Prof. Klaus Tochtermann
ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Kiel
T +49 431 88 14 333
Dr Guido Scherp
ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Kiel
T +49 431 88 14 456