All over the world, the demands, conflicts and problems associated with the sustainable use of land and natural resources are increasing. The dynamics of globalisation and structural change, European integration and the transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe continue to feature on the political agenda.

These processes are leading to far-reaching spatial changes and growing contrasts – with concrete impacts on economic, social and environmental living conditions. The research projects of the Leibniz Association’s spatial sciences institutions deal with the complex interactions between humans and space while asking the question: how is sustainable development possible?

By pooling our expertise, we engage with spatial research, planning and policy. Our interdisciplinary research teams investigate social and physical structures and processes on different scales. This research forms the basis for application-oriented spatial concepts and proposals for action, and enables us to offer nuanced advice to policymakers at all levels. The key aim of our advisory activities is to increase the rationality of policy decisions, to promote effective management and planning of spatial developments and to make recommendations for socially responsible and environmentally sound development.

Dr Ina Peters
Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL), Hannover
T +49 511 3484261