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Funding Periods and Future

For 2017 and 2018 the Leibniz Association’s Executive Board has once again decided to use its strategic fund to further the implementation of open access publishing within the Leibniz Institutions. In 2016, during the pilot phase, the Leibniz Association’s central Open Access Publishing Fund bore all APCs up to a maximum of € 2.000 using money from the Executive Board’s strategic fund; for 2017/18 the focus has shifted toward establishing sustainable and efficient financing structures.

The Leibniz Association’s central Open Access Publishing Fund for 2017/18 therefore uses mixed financing. The special grant from the Executive Board’s strategic fund (€ 150.000) makes up 20 percent of the Fund’s volume. This supplements the Fund’s decentralized financing structure where the participating Leibniz Institutions provide 80 percent of the money necessary. A particular Leibniz Institution will only ever pay for the articles its own scientists publish. To put it differently: Every article that meets the funding criteria receives a grant of 20 percent of its APCs paid for by the Executive Board’s strategic fund, the remaining 80 percent will be covered by its author’s Leibniz Institution. Twice a year the participating institutions make payments to balance their account.

The funding criteria are based on established models and have been refined according to experiences made during the Fund’s pilot phase. Furthermore, the Fund’s team at the TIB will be offering additional services, providing advice for authors, and establishing suitable workflows for participating Leibniz Institutions. In 2018 TIB and Leibniz Association will evaluate the design of the Open Access Publishing Fund.

If you should have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact the Fund’s team at publikationsfonds(at)leibniz-gemeinschaft.de.


Support is provided by the Leibniz publishing fund team (TIB), which can be contacted at publikationsfonds(at)leibniz-gemeinschaft.de.