Photo of Dr. Sabine  Müller
Dr. Sabine Müller
Sektion A: Geisteswissenschaften und Bildungsforschung | Wissenschaftliche Karriereentwicklung
Chausseestraße 111
10115 Berlin
Tel.: 030 / 20 60 49 - 686

N2 Science Communication Conference

Berlin, 6-8 November 2017

How to communicate science in a better way? How to make your presentation more creative, engaging and comprehensible? 

How to make use of the emerging technologies to  broadcast research and technology? Get the chance to learn from advanced scientists and experts in public media.

N2 science communication conference offers a series of workshops, performances, talks and poster presentation to tackle exactly those questions. We invited experienced instructors, who will guide us to explore new ways of communication, data visualization and scientific writing.

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