Fachkonferenz · Bamberg

07.11.2019 - 08.11.2019 · 09:00
4th International NEPS Conference


The international NEPS conference series at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) brings together scientists from different disciplines and from different stages of their academic careers to discuss current projects and findings in educational research. The framework for this event is provided by the National Education Panel Study (NEPS) with its six panel cohorts and its rich research database on competence development, educational processes, educational choices, and returns to education in formal, non-formal, and informal contexts.

Empirical contributions on all NEPS-related topics, including methodological issues, are welcome for paper or poster presentations. The analyses to be presented do not necessarily have to be based on the NEPS data. The program features a keynote lecture by Prof. Eric A. Hanushek from the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, one of the leading educational economists. The traditional award ceremony for the best NEPS publication and a round table with the Research Data Center team complete the agenda. The conference is held at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories in Bamberg. Conference language is English.


Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsverläufe e.V.
Wilhelmsplatz 3
96047 Bamberg


Christian Aßmann (LIfBi, University of Bamberg)
Rolf Becker (University of Bern, Switzerland)
Hartmut Esser (University of Mannheim)
Julian Seuring (University of Bamberg)
Francesco Berlingieri (ZEW Mannheim)
André Diegmann (German Council of Economic Experts, Wiesbaden)
Maresa Sprietsma (University of the Federal Employment Agency Mannheim)
Dennis Köthemann (University of Wuppertal)
Isabelle Fiedler (DZHW Hannover)
Sandra Buchholz (DZHW Hannover)
Hildegard Schaeper (DZHW Hannover)
Gordey Yastrebov (University of Bamberg)
Katharina Resch (University of Vienna, Austria)
Lena Nusser (LIfBi Bamberg)
Susanne Schwab (University of Vienna, Austria)
Stephan Dochow (University of Bamberg)
Sebastian Neumeyer (LIfBi Bamberg)
Lars Müller (INCHER Kassel)
Daniel Klein (INCHER Kassel)
Cindy Fitzner (WZB Berlin)
Magdalena Pratter (University of Bamberg)
Loreen Beier (University of Bamberg)
Corinna Krämer (LIfBi Bamberg)
Ana Brömmelhaus (University of Oldenburg)
Markus Weißmann (MZES Mannheim)
Tobias Roth (MZES Mannheim)
Corey Savage (University of Tübingen)
Adam Ayaita (RWTH Aachen)
Nicolas Hübner (University of Tübingen)
Martin Biewen (University of Tübingen)
Ulrich Trautwein (University of Tübingen)
Sara Möser (University of Bern, Switzerland)
Bernhard Ertl (Bundeswehr University Munich)
Florian G. Hartmann (Bundeswehr University Munich)
Divan Mouton (Bundeswehr University Munich)
Richard Nennstiel (University of Bern, Switzerland)
Svitlana Ivashnova (Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine)
Eric A. Hanushek (Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution of Stanford University, U.S.)
Maximilian Seitz (LIfBi Bamberg)
Ann-Christin Bächmann (IAB Nürnberg)
Alejandra Rodríguez Sánchez (HU Berlin)
Stefanie Unger (IAB Nürnberg)
Basha Vicari (IAB Nürnberg)
Miriam Hess (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Ann-Katrin Denn (University of Kassel)
Frank Lipowsky (University of Kassel)
Wiebke Schulz (WZB Berlin)
Reinhard Pollak (GESIS Mannheim)
Heike Solga (WZB Berlin)
Iryna Khovan (Education Complex “Dominanta” / Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine)
Michael Grotheer (DZHW Hannover)
Doğuş Güleryüz (DZHW Hannover)
Katrin Mergard (DZHW Hannover)
Nicole Berner (FHNW School of Education, Switzerland)
Silke Anger (IAB Nürnberg)
Malte Sandner (IAB Nürnberg)
Arnim Seidlitz (HU Berlin)
Larissa Zierow (ifo Institute Munich)
4th International NEPS Conference

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