04.05.2021 - 07.05.2021 · ganztägig
Engineered Living Materials 2021

A new paradigm in material synthesis is emerging, in which living cells are incorporated into non-living matter to augment it with programmable, life-like capabilities. This results from the integration of synthetic biology tools in materials research and promises to deliver a whole new generation of high-performance material systems. Engineered Living Materials open new avenues for more sustainable material production and advanced property combinations like integrated multifunctionality, adaptability, resilience, or evolvability.

The Second International Conference Engineered Living Materials 2021 will bridge materials science with the synthetic biology, biotechnology, and biophysics communities to discuss the compositional and technical challenges for a functional marriage of non-living matter and living components, and the experimental and computational solutions to realize them.


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Please register for the conference via the conference website. The registration is free of charge. You will receive a participation link and further information by e-mail before the online event starts. If you have any questions, please contact livingmaterials@leibniz-inm.de.

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