Podiumsdiskussion · Hamburg

31.05.2023 · 16:00
GIGA Forum - Germs, Guns, and Rage: COVID-19 and Violent Conflict in the Global South

In early 2020, practitioners and academics warned that the COVID-19 pandemic could increase violent conflict, especially in societies of the Global South already affected by such issues as well as political instability. In countries such as Colombia, South Africa, and Syria, lockdowns, reduced exports of natural resources, the world economic crisis, and inadequate pandemic-management policies have aggravated existing conflicts, leading to renewed surges of violence. However, while the long-term effects remain to be seen, the pandemic seems in the medium term at least to have had a less severe impact on many states of the Global South than initially feared.

In this GIGA Forum, experts on conflict-ridden countries in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East will discuss how and to what extent the pandemic has affected conflict in the Global South. They will debate what the necessary steps are to avoid further damage and how to prepare for future pandemics.


GIGA, Neuer Jungfernstieg 21 (room 243), 20354 Hamburg, Germany, and online
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