Vortrag · Bamberg

19.07.2022 · 14:00
LIfBi Lecture: When Counting Doesnt Count: A Longitudinal Examination of Maths Skill Development

For decades schools have struggled with how to teach and increase the learning of mathematics in children. It has been the focus of multiple U.S. federal programs and funding agency (NSF, NIH, IES, Gates Foundation) initiatives. Even with all of this focus and research dollars, we see very few changes in children increasing their ability in mathematics especially in foundational skills like fractions. This presentation will review my research over the last few years on trying to understand the developmental pathways of math achievement. I will explore both individual characteristics and contextual influences that may relate to the early development of mathematical skills and discuss how they relate to adult outcomes. Current issues of the relation of remote schooling to mathematical achievement scores will also be highlighted


LIfBi, Wilhlemsplatz 3, 96047 Bamberg, Raum 01.04 oder online via Zoom
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Die Vorträge dauern in der Regel 45 Minuten, im Anschluss ist Zeit für Diskussion und Fragen.

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