03.06.2021 · 17:15
Political Theology in America: On the Impact and Legacy of Jewish Refugees and Immigrants

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This lecture series offers some new perspectives on the history of twentieth-century American Jewish political thought in a transnational dimension. It focuses on the diverse ways in which American Jews, through their communal institutions and organizations, articulated a variety of ideas about their responsibilities for Jews and Jewish life abroad. It also asks how those actions, in turn, reflected concerns the Jews of the United States had for themselves and their place in American life. What tasks did they take up for Jews in other places, and what did their actions mean for their various understandings of Jewish life in the United States? The lecture series emphasizes both common concerns among American Jews and widely divergent views of what to do and how.

The lectures explore how American Jews articulated in words and deeds the multiple and often conflicting perspectives about their own situation in America and their relationship to the Jewish people worldwide.

The series is linked to and sets the stage for the Digital Annual Conference of the Dubnow Institute, in cooperation with The Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History at New York University (Prof. Dr. Hasia R. Diner), conducted on June 15–16, 2021.


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Prof. Dr. Eugene R. Sheppard, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
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The lecture series is taking place digitally. Please send an email to antwort(at)dubnow.de. with the title of the event »American Jewish Political Thought«, your name and institution.

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