24.10.2023 · 14:00
Towards a Science of Cities

Modelling the structure and evolution of cities is critical because policy makers need robust theories and new paradigms for mitigating various important problems such as air pollution, congestion, socio-spatial inequalities, etc. Fortunately and thanks to new technologies, the increased data available about urban systems opens the possibility of constructing a quantitative ‘science of cities’ with the aim of identifying and modelling essential phenomena. In this talk, after a short introduction about science and cities, I will illustrate this new scientific approach inspired by physics on various examples such as segregation in cities, the dynamics of urban populations, or mobility in cities though car traffic and the structure of subway networks.

Speaker: Marc Barthélémy, Institute of Theoretical Physics (FR)

Input from the IOER by Dr. Martin Behnisch




Marc Barthélémy, Institute of Theoretical Physics (France)
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