In addition to the wide range of different event formats employed by the Leibniz Institutes, the Leibniz Association has developed its own event series.
Leibniz in the Bundestag

This is a dialogue event that the Leibniz Association has been running since 2008. It brings together scientists and members of the German Bundestag for discussions on a wide range of possible topics.

Parliamentary Evening

At regular intervals, the Leibniz Association invites politicians to a Parliamentary Evening to discuss current issues of relevance to society and research. It is a chance for politicians to find out about pioneering developments at first hand from Leibniz scientists.

Leibniz Debates

Aimed at a broad public, the Leibniz Debates series deals with contemporary challenges and topics. Leibniz scientists from a wide range of disciplines discuss topics with politicians, artists and intellectuals.

Leibniz Lectures

The Leibniz Lectures present a selection of recent research findings from the Leibniz Association’s member institutes. The lecture series is run in collaboration with Urania Berlin.

Leibniz Economic Summit

Once a year, the Leibniz Association invites policymakers and members of the public to an “Economic Summit”. Representatives of the six Leibniz economic research institutes discuss current issues, such as Europe, immigration, the labour market and digitalisation, with one another and with the public.

Book a Scientist

In the Book a Scientist programme, members of the public choose a topic from a list ranging from food and health to education research and digitalisation and book an expert for a short one-to-one discussion. These discussions usually take place in conjunction with the Long Night of the Sciences open-doors event.