The Leibniz Association’s Europe Office monitors EU research policy developments and decision-making processes at close hand, as well as EU legislative procedures that are of relevance to research. This enables it to make sure the Leibniz Association’s interests are considered at an early stage of the process of developing future EU strategies and framework programmes for research.

One of the Europe Office’s main activities is helping the Leibniz institutions position themselves strategically within the European research landscape. It does so by advising the institutions on funding instruments in Horizon Europe, bringing them in contact with the European institutions, and organising thematic events. 

  • Representation of interests in the field of research policy
  • Facilitating contact with the European institutions
  • Information and training events
  • Support for events organised by the Leibniz institutions in Brussels
  • Strategic advice on participation in Horizon Europe and practical support with Horizon 2020 projects and funding instruments in Horizon Europe
  • Advice on ERC proposals preparation and interview training
  • Visitor work station and conference room
Horizon Europe - the ninth framework programme for research and innovation

Horizon Europe is the funding programme for research and innovation of the European Union. It has a budget of €95.5 billion for the years 2021-2027 and is the core element for the implementation of the European Research Area. The funding programme supports the dissemination of excellent science and the development of new technologies. It will help implementing the political objectives of the EU and tackling global challenges.

The European Research Council – Individual funding for the brightest minds

The Leibniz Europe Office offers individual support for proposal preparation as well as strategic consulting services for Leibniz institutes.

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G6 Statement on the EC‘s proposal for a regulation on Plants obtained by certain new genomic techniques (PDF)

G6 White Paper: The future of European research (PDF)

Leibniz Association’s Contribution to EU Consultation on present and future European Research Framework Programmes (PDF)

G6 joint declaration in favor of Human Rights safeguard in Iran (PDF)

G6 Statement on solidarity with the sovereign state of Ukraine (PDF)

G6 statement on Open Science (PDF)

G6 contribution to the ERA Stakeholder Forum (PDF)

G6 Declaration on Freedom of research (PDF)


Team Brussels
The Leibniz team in Brussels: Claudia Labisch (head), Beate Feuerstein-Weber, Sarah Goharnia, Sonja Kreuzinger, Sophie Wulk (from right to left) (FOTO PETER HIMSEL)
Claudia Labisch
Head of EU Office
Leibniz Association
Rue du Trône 98, 4°
B-1050 Brussels
T +32 2 27420 61