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The Leibniz Association is committed to the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in its organisations. 

11/30/2023 · HP-Topnews

Together with the Network for Inclusion and Participation of People with Disabilities in the Leibniz Association (Leibniz-inklusiv) and the Leibniz Association's Diversity Network, we are setting an example for inclusion and accessibility in our research institutions as part of myAbility's "Purple Light Up Campaign" on the "International Day of Persons with Disabilities" on the 3rd December. 

Within the Leibniz-inklusiv Network, we are also actively involved in the „Initiative Inklusion" of the Alliance of Science Organisations. In addition to participating in a workshop of non-university science organisations on 28th November to develop strategies and measures to promote a more inclusive science and research culture, we are also taking part in the "Career Event", which is directly linked to the activities surrounding 3rd December. The careers event will take place on 4th December and aims to highlight career and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in scientific and research institutions and motivate the target group with good examples from the Leibniz Association. 

In unison with the Leibniz-inklusiv Network, the Leibniz Association aims to promote the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in its research institutions and to better facilitate barrier-free and prejudice-free employment in science and research.   


The 3rd December is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The global campaign #PurpleLightUp is using this day of action to call on organisations to set a visible example for inclusion. This year's activities will focus on education and awareness-raising.

Purple Light Up Campaign