The Leibniz Association qualifies and supports researchers at all stages of their careers.

The Leibniz Association approved a set of career guidelines early on in order to ensure a shared understanding within the Association. The guidelines trace a typical researcher career path from qualification to establishment in a field, and formulates standards for appropriate supervision and development measures, which the Leibniz Association Institutes are committed to upholding.

Equal opportunities and diversity are additional important aspects of an open, transparent and creative work culture at Leibniz Institutes. The Leibniz Association is equally committed to complying with the guidelines on good scientific practice.

In addition, the Leibniz Association has developed a range of formats to promote a good leadership culture at its Institutes.

  1. PhDs at Leibniz

    A PhD at a Leibniz Institute opens up a wide range of career paths.

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  2. Postdocs at Leibniz

    A postdoc at the Leibniz Association offers a chance to pursue your own research in a creative and interdisciplinary environment.

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  3. Taking on leadership positions

    The next step for a career in research is achieving maximum scope to conduct your own research projects, obtaining the necessary resources and taking on responsibility.

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  4. Leibniz job portal

    Access the Leibniz job portal to find current job openings at Leibniz Institutes and at the Leibniz Headquarters.

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