The IPF is one of the largest polymer research institutes in Germany and engaged in application-oriented fundamental research. Its facilities in a campus near the city centre of Dresden include state-of-the-art equipments up to pilot plants that allow research under industry-relevant conditions. Functional polymers and polymer materials are a driving force for the development of novel technologies and indispensable for innovative components and systems, e.g. in information and communication technology, medicine and health care as well as for power generation and storage within novel concepts for mobility and energy efficiency.
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Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden
Hohe Straße 6
01069 Dresden
T +49 351 / 46 58 - 0

Managing Director & Chief Scientific Officer:
Prof. Carsten Werner

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer:
Dr Agnes Schausberger

Christiane Einmahl
Emanuel Richter
Judith Nelke