Staff at Leibniz Headquarters provide subject-specific and organisational support to the President and all other Leibniz Association bodies and committees. They support the strategic development of the Leibniz Association, make sure that procedures agreed within the association and at the level of funding organisations are carried out and provide advice and support to the member institutions in this area. They promote networking between Leibniz institutions and communication with funding organisations, the political arena, other research organisations and the general public. In this context, they organise events and develop new formats for sharing ideas within the association and with society.

Leibniz Headquarters includes the Leibniz Association’s press and public relations work. It also includes the Evaluation Department, which supports the Senate’s Evaluation Committee in its duties as defined in its statutes.


The European-policy interests of the Leibniz Association are represented by staff at the EU Office who foster contacts to European institutions and cross-border collaborations involving member institutions.

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The Secretary General

The Secretary General heads Leibniz Headquarters. Dr Bettina Böhm has been Secretary General of the Leibniz Association since January 2018.

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Staff at Leibniz Headquarters