The Leibniz Association is an enabling structure

  • for best research practice coupled with academic excellence and social relevance, and compliance with clear standards and guidelines,
  • for robust, science-led quality assurance at international level,
  • for interdisciplinary collaboration between the institutes and exploration of new research fields,
  • for close cooperation, especially with universities, but also with other local, national and international partners,
  • for reflection and response in terms of issues, data and methods,
  • for interaction between science and society, and
  • for knowledge and technology transfer, and social and political consultancy.
  1. Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation

    The Leibniz Association pursues the goals associated with the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation, placing an emphasis on certain key aspects.

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  2. Seeds of a dandelion

    Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany

    The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany brings together the top research organisations in Germany. It regularly issues statements on key issues of research policy.

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    Leibniz Strategy Forums

    Leibniz Strategy Forums consider and report on shared concerns and developments.

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  4. Flyer in the hands of an event visitor


    The Leibniz Association has developed an event series that are designed to inform and facilitate dialogue with policymakers and society.

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