The Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation strengthens the research system in Germany and has, for over ten years, been contributing to its high level of competitiveness. Its continuation until 2030 gives science and research the high degree of planning certainty it needs to support and develop the future viability of Germany and help resolve global challenges. It secures its ability to compete and cooperate on an international level.

The annual 3% increase in funding from the federal and regional governments within the framework of the Joint Initiative enables the Leibniz Association to continue with its long-term schemes and develop new ideas: by steadily increasing its institutional budgets, taking on new Leibniz institutes and strategically expanding the existing ones, as well as the Leibniz Competition supporting research projects at Leibniz Institutes and strategic networks like Leibniz ScienceCampi and Leibniz Research Alliances.

In the process, it is able to draw on its excellent institutes, including research museums and infrastructures that collaborate with one another and with universities in regional and subject-based partnerships and within their national, European and international networks. The successful self-organisation of the Leibniz institutes within the Leibniz Association makes them strategically highly effective. 

The Leibniz Association pursues the goals associated with the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation, placing an emphasis on the following key aspects:

  • high-risk research, to create scope for development and to strengthen and develop suitable instruments;
  • intensive exchange with economic partners, society and policymakers, to harness ideas, research findings and scientific knowledge;
  • in-depth networking, e.g. through involvement in integrated regional campus strategies and more intensive networking with universities and businesses;
  • comprehensive, up-to-date concepts for attracting and developing staff, to create career paths for emerging researchers in academia and beyond, and to anchor women in leadership positions;
  • strategic planning, even more professional management and sustainable financing of research infrastructures, and opening it up to external use, as well as introducing integrated research data management systems.

The Leibniz Association reports annually on the implementation of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation and on its successes.

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