The Leibniz Competition is designed to accelerate the achievement of the Leibniz Association’s strategic objectives as part of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation. The measures are intended to fulfil the institutes’ duty to perform research and operate research infrastructures at the highest level, and to publicise the resulting successes. With its fixed-term funding programmes, the Leibniz Competition provides incentives intended to stimulate the Leibniz Association’s continued profile development. In this regard, it is purposefully different to the measures of other funding organisations and institutional funding.

Leibniz Competition 2025

The funding programmes of the Leibniz Competition 2025

  1. Leibniz Junior Research Groups

    As leaders of a Leibniz Junior Research Group, postdoctoral researchers obtain the opportunity to implement research projects of their own and establish themselves in their respective field.

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  2. Leibniz Programme for Women Professors

    The Leibniz Programme for Women Professors aims at rewarding the successful recruitment of outstandingly talented women.

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  3. Leibniz Collaborative Excellence

    As part of this programme, projects that are particularly innovative, and which require collaborative networking in order to succeed, are to be funded.

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  4. Leibniz Transfer

    The Leibniz Transfer funding programme promotes the transfer of knowledge from all academic fields into society, commerce and the sphere of politics.

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Selection process

  1. Leibniz Competition: Selection process

    Information on the Leibniz Competition's selection process is available here.

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Project overview

  1. Funded projects

    Here you will find an overview of all funded projects.

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