Leaders shape the institutions they work in through their attitudes and actions. This means that leaders in the Leibniz Association have a particular responsibility for the culture and development of their institutes. The Leibniz Leadership Academy aims to strengthen the effectiveness of leaders in the Leibniz Association and work towards a modern leadership culture.

The Academy offers three programmes to cater for all leadership levels: Developing Leadership for junior research group leaders, Experiencing Leadership for middle managers in science and administration, and Reflecting Leadership for institute directors.

The Academy supports Leibniz leaders, helping them to perform their roles as guiding, mobilising and culture-shaping personalities. The idea is for participants to reflect on their leadership role in the context of their own experiences and challenges. The programmes will present modern leadership theories and models that participants can use to enrich their personal toolbox and expand the courses of action available to them.

The alternating in-person and online modules also offer an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and network with colleagues.

Further information on programmes and registration

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