In Leibniz Labs, a broad spectrum of Leibniz Institutes will work together in an interdisciplinary way to develop practical solutions to major societal challenges.

The focus is on complex questions, such as: How can we better prepare for future pandemics? How can Germany and Europe gain greater sovereignty in disruptive technological innovations? How can we preserve biodiversity and create resilient food systems in the face of the climate crisis? And how can historical experiences from fundamental upheavals and crises help to make our societies more resilient?

To address these complex issues, Leibniz Labs aim to bring together the extensive knowledge of the Leibniz Association and make it available for sociatal practice. To this end, the labs involve stakeholders from society, politics and business. By tapping into the strong innovation and transfer potential of the community, they are intended to act as catalysts and pioneers for social transformation processes.

Dr Jan Biesenbender
Head of Division SAS – Strategic Affairs
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