Vortrag · Bamberg

09.11.2021 · 14:00
A Cognitive Approach to Reading Comprehension that Transforms Learning

Our ability to read is fundamental for learning, engagement in society, and success in the workplace. Indeed, experiencing reading difficulties is devastating, costly, and a major contributor to inequality. Thus, continued efforts are needed to determine how best to develop reading skills across the lifespan. My research program aims to address this issue by advancing our understanding of reading, and using that understanding to transform reading instruction. I aim to advance our theoretical understanding of reading by developing models that detail the cognitive processes of reading to explain how students acquire and revise knowledge through their reading experiences. I aim to transform reading instruction by using these models to develop educational technologies that supplement instruction by providing personalized training on core reading comprehension skills. These aims are realized in two distinct but related lines of work. One line focuses on improving learning to read for young students, whereas the second line focuses on improving reading to learn (and reducing the impact of misinformation) for older students and adults. In this talk, I will present representative work from these two lines of research.


Online Meeting
Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories
Wilhelmsplatz 3
96047 Bamberg