Fachkonferenz · Regensburg

26.06.2024 · Ganztags
International LIT Symposium "Synthetic Immunology/Synthetic Biology"

In the past years, synthetic immunology has made great progress – not only in regard to introducing novel reprogramming strategies and functional capacities into immune cells to target them against hematological and even solid tumors, but also by exploiting reprogrammed immune cells for the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Yet, there are still major hurdles to be overcome on the way to efficient, safe and inexpensive immune cell products. These include for example the development of truly cancer specific cellular therapies, improvement of the TCR, novel types of antigen independent T cell activation, the selection and implementation of key functional capacities into T cells, the combined use of cell intrinsic and extrinsic logic gates and the rising potential of artificial intelligence in synthetic immunology.

Our LIT symposium 2024 will cover these and more aspects of cellular therapies with presentations from outstanding experts creating a think tank environment that will provide cutting edge insights into the latest developments in the field and ample time for discussions of novel ideas and concepts.


Herzogssaal, Domplatz 3, 93047 Regensburg
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