In a globalised world crises take on a new quality – as basic malfunctions of economic, social, political or ecological systems their impact extends beyond national borders. Different crisis situations are often interconnected in complex ways. To confront them successfully increasing coordination is needed.

The Leibniz Research Alliance "Crises in a Globalised World" focuses on financial and debt crises, food crises, as well as environmental and political crises. The participating institutes use comprehensive models to explore the dynamics and interdependencies in crises. In this way, they develop practice-oriented knowledge which helps with the assessment and treatment of current threatening situations and allows the early identification of emerging crisis.

The research alliance investigates:

  • How crises arise and develop
  • What interdependencies exist in crisis situations
  • When and how crises are recognised, articulated and communicatively handled
  • What lessons and reaction mechanisms are developed in the long term on the political and social level as a response to crises


Prof. Nicole Deitelhoff
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), Frankfurt Main
Dr Stefan Kroll
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), Frankfurt Main
T +49 69 959 104 59