Section “Life Sciences”
What will life look like in tomorrow’s world? What challenges and opportunities will our society face? Humanity is massively altering its environment – its own habitat, and that of millions of other species. Ecosystems are being permanently influenced. Global change and an ageing society require new solutions to altered living conditions: professional challenges, mental and physical fitness, health and nutrition. Globalisation is spreading organisms around the world at great speed – including pathogens. The institutes of the section “Life Sciences” conduct research into human health, environmental issues, crop plants and wild plants, livestock and wild animals. They make a pioneering contribution to our understanding of these societal challenges, and highlight potential solutions to tackling negative developments.


Leibniz Institutes of the section

Networked research

Prof. Andreas Radbruch
German Rheumatism Research Center Berlin (DRFZ)
T +49 30 28 460 601
Deputy Spokesperson
Prof. Heribert Hofer
Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW), Berlin
T + 49 30 5168 101
Contact at Leibniz Headquarters
Dr Britta Horstmann
Head of Division
Leibniz Association
Chausseestraße 111
10115 Berlin
T +49 30 206049 611