Section “Humanities and Educational Research”
To meet the social challenges of our age, one must first acquire knowledge of the historic and cultural foundations of human co-existence. Research conducted in the fields of the humanities, cultural studies and educational science generates this knowledge and communicates it to the public at large. This represents a fundamental contribution to our understanding of our complex society. The section pools the expertise of leading research institutes in the fields of educational sciences and linguistics, history and cultural studies; of institutions offering and continuously developing key research infrastructures; and of major research museums with unique collections relevant to the humanities, cultural studies and engineering sciences. The institutions belonging to the section collaborate with one another within a close network and focus on three key thematic areas: "Potential of Education", "History as a Contemporary Resource", and "Cultural Heritage and Digital Change".


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Prof. Henning Lobin
Leibniz Institute for the German Language (IDS), Mannheim
T +49 621 1581 126
Deputy Spokesperson
Prof. Cordula Artelt
Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi), Bamberg
T +49 951 863 2060
Contact at Leibniz Headquarters
Dr Marvin Bähr
Deputy Head of Division Scientific Affairs
Leibniz Association
Chausseestraße 111
10115 Berlin
T +49 30 206049 616